Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Christmas!

The Board of Directors and Staff of Chi Rho Press want to wish all our readers a very blessed Christmas. In this special time of the year, we are especially grateful for our customers, investors, contributors, authors, volunteers, and all of you who are partners in this ministry. May you be filled with joy, love, and contentment at this Christmas time.

As a special gift in this new blog, we would like to offer you this meditation from "The Road to Emmaus," a book of daily meditations written by and for the LGBT community of faith.
These meditations each start with a Gospel reading and a meditation based on it written by by a large number of LGBT Christians. This meditation for Christmas was written by R. Adam DeBaugh.

Please read Luke 2:1-14

Patrick was young and very little. He sat with wonder in his eyes as he listened to the Christmas story in the second chapter of Luke. Great peace and joy seemed to come over his little spirit as he listened and all tension left him. When I finished reading, I asked, "How did you like that story?"

"It's the best!" Patrick was emphatic, yet calm and at peace. The story had made such an impact that I had to ask, "What's so good about the story for you?"

"Be not afraid," Patrick answered. "That's the best part. We were afraid and the angel said, 'Be not afraid.' We don't have to be afraid ever again."

I asked Patrick what kinds of things he might be afraid of as this year draws to a close. He said, "Getting sick, being alone in the dark, not having friends, not doing good in school, stuff like that."

In his simple, innocent, unsophisticated way, little Patrick hit the nail on the head! The meaning of Jesus' humble birth in a rude stable in an obscure corner of the Roman Empire is "Be not afraid."

No matter what our fears, today's Gospel message echoes down the centuries to speak to us, "Be not afraid." Like little Patrick, we are comforted with the knowledge that Christ has come to bring "peace among those with whom God is pleased."

Blessed Saviour, thank you for coming to us with your divine message of grace and peace. Thank you for having your angels comfort and assure us, saying, "Be not afraid." Amen.


We at Chi Rho Press wish you all a very happy Christmas, filled with peace, love, and joy.

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