Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Adam's First Blog Entry

Well, thanks to my Virtual Personal Assistant, Ronald, Chi Rho Press now has a Blog.

Our goal is to be adding things periodically like the weekly Chi Rho Reflection; a link to the lengthier, twice monthly newsletter, the Chi Rho Connection; announcements of new publications; book reviews; and all kinds of stuff.

At some point I will start posting my "Tales from a Micro-Press," about the process of how Chi Rho Press runs and functions.

I invite your comments and please post to the Blog. Let us know what you think!

And please visit the Web site at



Ronald - Your Virtual Assistant said...

Great job Adam. I especially like the chance to post a comment right here on your blog. Makes me feel like a 'blogmate' (grin). Again good job!

(Opps, I did some of this pat on the back for Ronald? Well I guess a plug for my work as Adam's Virtual Assistant is enough for me)

Anonymous said...

Lets test this thing out and see if the notification system works. This will prevent someone or an evil 'bot' from posting something we don't want to see.